Safety Information

All of the Fast-n-Fun Inflatables rentals include product set-up by our trained staff. We strive to exceed industry safety standards.

For maximum fun and safety, please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Before entering the Equipment, have the users remove shoes, eye glasses, belt buckles and any sharp objects.
  • Never play, jump or enter a partially inflated/deflated unit.
  • Never allow users to climb or play outside of the Equipment's intended use (climbing the outside or inside walls of the unit, columns, netting or roof of unit).
  • Always follow the number of users/riders and rules posted on the Equipment itself.
  • Do not plug or unplug the motor repeatedly as this will cause the motor to burn up. Renters will be responsible for any resulting damage.
  • Always have an adult present who has reviewed and understands the Rental Agreement/Contract and the rules posted on the Equipment itself. Adults should supervise users.
  • Never allow users to be unsupervised in or around the Equipment.
  • Never allow more users than the maximum number of users per age group as described in the Rental Agreement/contract and on the Equipment.
  • Never place a hose or water on or into the Equipment unless authorized by Fast-n-Fun Inflatables.
  • Do not allow horseplay on, in or around the Equipment.
  • Always follow the directions for use on the Equipment.
Everyone has fun while following the safety guidelines.